Hi, I'm Scotty McCormick

I am a web developer with 3+ years of experience.

Building sites with React, Express, Node is my day-to-day gig.

Lately I've been using Next.js, Redux, Less, GTM, PreBid, MongoDB.

My work is about 75% front end, with some basic AWS management, data fetching, and dealing with third-party pixels as well

In my personal projects, I've been focused on Next.js, Tailwind, and brushing up on my SQL DB querying.

This site is (recently) rebuilt in Gatsby and deployed on Netlify

I received by B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and then stepped into the world of building web applications. The trouble is, I quite like it. With some exposure to Java, MATLAB, and C under my belt, I decided to commit to software development full time.

I started off building web applications with the SAPUI5 framework, working directly with client stakeholders to design and build from the ground up. Then, I brushed up on my skills at the General Assembly coding bootcamp.

I live in beautiful Alameda, CA and I work in the San Francisco Bay Area.